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Quality Inspection

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E.Bag Quality Control Criteria
Test Items Units Quality Criteria Note
Appearance State of
- The state of figuration of the entire product
must be perfect and must be void of any
marks, defects, bubble or faultsthat could
hinder its usage.
State of
- State of printing of the key contents
includingthe name of the ingredients
and contents must be very clear
Specifications BAG length 410 ± 3 On the basis of
BAG width 300 ± 3
External sealing width 10 ± 1
Chamber width (65±2), (70±2), (125±2)
Tube length 23.5 ± 1.5
Heat Sealing
EASY-PEEL N/15㎜ Comply with set specifications  
Leaked Solution - There must be no leakage of solution