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JW Chemi Town is

JW Chemi Town is a subsidiary company of JW Group that is aimed at becoming a leading Healthcare Company. It is a manufacturing company that specializes in packing material for intravenous (IV) infusion solutions by having developed and commercialized environment-friendly “Non-PVC range” IV bag film and tube that is harmless to human body for the first time in Korea in 2000 and by securing production technology for Multi-chamber Bag, which is a packing material for nutrient for IV infusion.

about IV infusion solution bag Film(MEDIROLL®) of product img

Environment-friendly “Non-PVC range” IV infusion solution bag Film
and Tube that is harmless to human body

The existing film used for the IV infusion solution bag products generates dioxin at the time of incineration with the concerns for the occurrence of problems that are harmful to the environment and human body including elution of plasticizer such as DEHP, which is an environmental hormone.
In order to solve such problem, our company developed environment-friendly “Non-PVC range” Film and Tube that is harmless to human body in 2000 and has been applying it to the IV infusion solution bag products until now.
In addition, our “Non-PVC range” Film, etc. have been registered with the FDA DMF of the USA and CFDA of China, thereby proving the product stability and outstanding quality throughout the world.
Film and Tube of our company is maintaining the status of the leader in the domestic market. Moreover, we are pursuing export to China and Brazil in order to become a globally renowned company and will continue to spur on our efforts to export our products to advanced countries in the world including the USA and Europe.

Multi-Chamber Bag of product img

Packing container for nutrient for IV infusion solution,
Multi-Chamber Bag (2-CB , 3-CB)

JW Chemi Town succeeded in domestically securing the manufacturing technology for and manufactured Multi-chamber Bag, which is the packing container for nutrient for IV infusion that had been fully imported until then, including the Multi–2 Chamber and 3 Chamber packing container products. Accordingly, the company has been playing a role in elevating the competitiveness of the manufacturers of nutrient for IV infusion products in their exporting of the products. In addition, we are taking up the challenges of developing the global market not only for the nutrient for IV infusion but also the packing container for medical products on the foundation of the manufacturing technology and quality of our Multi-Chamber Bag as well as the market status we have in Korea.

JW Chemi Town shall offer healthy life and happiness to all of our customers as the leader and manufacturer that focuses in the area of specialized packing made of environment-friendly materials by developing not only medical packing containers but also other new products made of “Non-PVC range” materials that can be applied to a diverse range of specialized areas.