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Multi-Chamber Bag

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  • Use by mixing the infusion solution by rupturing the separation membrane after having injected drugs with
    different ingredients into each of the chambers
  • Hard Seal/Easy Peel are possible simultaneously
  • Excellent barrier property
  • Non-PVC Film
  • Excellent stability even under high pressure
  • Outstanding transparency
  • Excellent toughness and thermal sealing are possible
  • Can be sterilized with steam at the temperature of 121℃
  • Excellent foreign matter filtration function
  • Impact-resistance, crack-resistance and rupture-resistance at low temperature

Physical properties of the material

Physical properties of the material
Test items Units Test methods Spec.
Thickness ASTM D 882 200±10
Oxygen Transmission Rate ㎖/㎡.day.atm ASTM D 3985 <1000
Haze(after sterilization) % ASTM D 1003 <10
Heat sealing strength N/15mm ASTM F 88 >30
Easy Peel strength N/15mm ASTM F 88 4 ~ 12
Tensile strength kgf/㎠ ASTM D 882 >300
Tensile modulus kgf/㎠ ASTM D 882 700~1300
Elongation % ASTM D 882 >900