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IV infusion solution bag Film(MEDIROLL®)

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탁원한 기술, 우수한 품질, 가격경쟁력

Sterilization at the temperature of 121℃

- PP range 3-layerd Film
- It has excellent heat-resistance and can be sterilized with moist heat
with temperature of 121℃.

Characteristics of other materials

Polyethylene Film, Bottle
- Poor heat-resistance
- Cannot be sterilized at the temperature of 121℃
- DEHP elution (when sterilized at the temperature of 121℃)
Multi-Layer (composite ingredients)
- Each of the layers has different physical properties due to
substantial deformation of the container after sterilization.

Outstanding transparency

- High level of transparency of 3-layered PP range film
(prior to and following sterilization)
- Low level of difference in the shrinkage rates between each
of the layers, “clean and transparent”, ease of inspection of the
drug contained

Flexibility (outstanding impact resistance)

Outstanding flexibility and softness to overcome the hardness of PP

Outstanding impact resistance

Outstanding result of the Drop Test at room temperature and
low temperature (4~5℃)

Compatibility with a diverse range of drugs

Raw material - PP Base for the stability of drug and no absorption.
To be applied to LIPID & AMINO ACID.

Excellent cleanliness Management

Manage strict monitoring by distinguishing the level of cleanliness in
accordance with the workplace, and movement path of people and materials

Outstanding steam and gas permeability

우수한 수증기, 가스 투과도

Excellent thermal adhesiveness

우수한 열접착성